Let’s face it. When you first get engaged, your mind is whirling with so many thoughts, ideas, and emotions. After the initial shock, euphoria and absolute wonderment subside and you finally come down from cloud nine, the next thing on your mind is your wedding dress. What kind of gown will it be? What have you always dreamed of since you were 5 years old playing “wedding day” with your Barbie and Ken dolls?

For me, it had to be the quintessential ballgown. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it and what a ballgown it was! I absolutely fell head over heels for an organza ballgown with a floral-designed skirt by Sweetheart Gowns. The back of the dress, as well as its short sleeves mirrored the floral design on the gown’s skirt. The illusion back which is so prevalent now was a showstopper for me, as well as the fabric-covered buttons. The center of each of the forget-me-not flowers featured gorgeous delicate pearls not only on the sleeves, but also on the illusion back and along the dropwaist of the gown.


I remember pulling this dress from the bridal salon’s rack. Even in the clear garment bag, I knew it was “the one” before I even tried it on. There was no question, no doubt. It seemed as if this Sweetheart Gown had been personally designed for me. This was my wedding dress and it had to be mine.


Since I had a destination wedding, my gown had to be shipped from my home to the hotel where we were going to be honeymooning. I had made previous arrangements to have the gown steamed the day of the wedding to eliminate any and all wrinkles. Here is a shot of the kind gentleman that steamed my wedding dress for me.

"Steaming Wedding Dress"

What will your wedding dress look like? Happy hunting! Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile! :)

Chris and Jeanne Marie’s reception had so many charming details. From the red rose petals spread amongst the place card settings, to their first names lit up in lights on the dance floor, their special day was filled with romantic and festive touches.

Here are a few of my favorite wedding reception details.

How on earth do they carve the figures so perfectly?


This type of guestbook is a great memento to have. It’s fun to read through the remarks years later. You feel all the love and joy from that very special day come rushing back. It’s a magical thing!


The red rose petals add such an elegant touch to this display of place card settings.


Combining some sunflowers with coral roses created a unique look for the maid-of-honor’s bouquet.


I loved the gorgeous shade of coral of the bridesmaids’ rose bouquets! They really added a spice of color to the wedding when paired with their blue-green dresses.

"Christopher Sign in Lights"

I don’t know about you, but this image reminds me of one of my childhood toys, Hasbro’s LITE-BRITE. Ok, now I’m dating myself. ;)


I must give credit to my husband for these 2 images. He told me to look up at the ceiling. When I did, I saw the reflection of Chris and Jeanne Marie as they were dancing their first dance as husband and wife in the mirrored ceiling. So cool!


I rotated the images in LightRoom since the original shots appeared as if they were dancing upside down. Now it looks as if I’m shooting them from up above the actual ceiling tiles. A fun and unusual angle!

We had such a wonderful time at this reception! What a fun party! We wish Chris and Jeanne Marie many happy years of marriage!

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile! :)

There’s nothing like a family wedding. Everyone comes together to celebrate and we’re reminded of how important family truly is. Chris and Jeanne Marie’s wedding was absolutely wonderful! The food, the music, the venue — everything was fabulous!

This sweet couple met in high school and have been together for 10 years. They’ve shared many good times and have supported one another through some of the most difficult and challenging times a family can possibly go through. Through it all their love has deepened and strengthened. It was an absolute honor to be there to help them celebrate this important milestone in their lives!

"Chris at Altar"

Our handsome groom excitedly waiting for his bride.


Here comes the bride!


The happy couple!


Chris and Jeanne Marie with their bridal party.



It’s so heartwarming to see a couple so in love!

We wish them every happiness as they begin their new life together! May their marriage be filled with lots of love, laughter and joy!

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile! :)

As we go through our daily routines, it’s easy to take the freedom we enjoy here in the United States for granted. On this special holiday, let’s take some time to remember all of our devoted forefathers who pursued a life without oppression not only for themselves, but for future generations.

Thank you to all of the soldiers that fought so bravely and gave their lives so selflessly to grant the precious gift of freedom that we Americans share here in the good ‘ole U.S.A. today! Happy Independence Day my fellow Americans!


American Flag (Mike Morrison/Digital Media Workshop, Inc.)

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile!  :)

I love roses! I can’t get enough of them. Any color, size or shape will do. They are my flower of choice.

I recently discovered Soutine Roses. Also known as Christmas Roses, these unique hybrids blend their red color with stripes of white reminding me of holiday candy canes. They truly are beautiful!

For all the rose lovers out there, here’s some floral inspiration to kick your weekend off just right. :)

Soutine Roses Combo

Soutine Roses Horizontal

Soutine Roses

Soutine Roses Horizontal

Soutine Roses

Soutine Roses

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile! :)

I’m so excited! I’ve been pinned. Not in the 1950’s sense of the word, but on Pinterest.com. In case you’re not familiar with this wonderfully addictive site, allow me to elaborate. Pinterest.com, the most crowd-pleasing creation since Facebook, is an entertaining Web site where people can build image boards based on what inspires them from photos found anywhere on the Internet. To be more precise, from Wikipedia, “Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing Web site that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, ‘re-pin’ images to their own pinboards, or ‘like’ photos.” The topics run the gamut from travel to weddings. I’ve gotten lost in it for hours!


I love how Marisa's florist was able to perfectly match her sister Elena's bouquet to her periwinkle blue suit.

Imagine my surprise when I was perusing the site in my spare time and discovered that some of my own photographs had been pinned. How cool is that?! In the words of the very talented actress Sally Field as she accepted her Best Actress Oscar for her performance in the movie Norma Rae, “You like me. You really like me.” I was so flattered that some folks liked my images enough to pin them on to their Pinterest.com image boards.


The red glorious lilies steal the spotlight in this vibrant summer bouquet.

Which brings me to a very controversial topic among many of my fellow photographers. To pin or not to pin? Is this copyright infringement? Some say yes, some say no. Award-winning New York City wedding photographer Christian Oth gave a resounding no in his blog post entitled, “Pinterest — The Wonderful World of Pinning and Infringement.” He decided to remove “Pin It” buttons from his Web site because of copyright infringement. He stated in this post, “This is creating an entire network of photographers, designers, and other creatives who are seeing their work displayed without their knowledge or consent.”

I believe that it could be copyright infringement if the images are used incorrectly. If someone is pinning photographs on to an image board in a virtual scrapbook manner, the way Pinterest.com intended, I’m of the opinion that this is not copyright infringement. Photographs are works of art and should be enjoyed. If you’re going to post your images on the World Wide Web, then you need to be prepared for people to discover them resulting in potential usage. The degree to which they use them is where I have a possible issue. As long as the people pinning my images aren’t running down to their local Cosco or CVS store to make 5″x7″ prints, it’s fine with me. Let them enjoy my photographs by creating virtual scrapbooks within the image board format of Pinterest.com.


It's all about the details. The french-braided ribbon and vintage rhinestone brooch applied on the handle of this wedding bouquet created just the right fashion statement this bride was looking for.

Is Pinterest.com perpetuating copyright infringement? Let us know what you think in our comments section below.

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile! :)

After being in hibernation all winter long, we’re ready to emerge like the flowers of spring. Future wedding content and photography coming soon!

Hydrangeas are some of my favorite flowers. We had 2 hydrangea bushes in our backyard when I was growing up. These lovely blue ladies are the epitome of springtime!


"blue-yellow hydrangea"

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile! :)

Happy New Year! It’s a new year filled with hope, promise and lots of wedding inspiration! We hope to bring you more and more wedding loveliness throughout the coming year.

Let’s kick off the new year right with a brief exposé on the fabulous accessory, the shoe. Whether you’re looking for a traditional bridal shoe or something that will make a statement, there’s no shortage of wedding footwear bliss.

First on our list is a beautiful brooch pump by Grazia. This shoe is an absolute knockout! Named, “Valentine”, this shoe “had me at hello” and stole my heart! Hello gorgeous!


The shoe features a 4″ heel and is available in white or ivory.


I can’t get enough of these shoes, so I’ve added a few extra shots from my recent photo shoot to give you some extra eye candy.


I love how the lighting varies from one angle to the next.


Nothing says “sparkle” like this pair of Grazia “Valentine” pumps. The rhinestone brooches are the ultimate in glitz and glamour!


Coming in at #2 and #3 are Betsey Johnson’s rosette, peep-toe pumps and Madden Girl’s purple, glitter pumps.


I love the punch of color these Madden Girl shoes provide. They’re that unexpected and unique twist on a bridal shoe.


I just love the rosette details on these Betsey Johnson pumps and the leopard liners give them that extra pizazz!

Anything goes these days when selecting your wedding shoes. Brides can follow a more traditional trend by wearing white or ivory pumps, or they can pick a pair of funky, designer heels, flats, sandals, sneakers, or even flip-flops.

What’s your vision? You decide and remember to be true to your bridal style.

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile! :)

I had the privilege of second shooting for Wavecrest Studio at the wedding of Katie and Sean. They were married on a beautiful autumn day!


Nothing says fall like tall, red, maple trees.


This wedding was full of gorgeous details! I loved the pretty, miniature wedding gown on the end table.


The teddy bears dressed in wedding day attire were so adorable!


Loved our groom’s retro, 1930’s-style dress shoes!


What I loved most about this couple was their pure love for each other. The knowing glances, embraces and gentle gestures of affection were so sweet! I love how they’re looking into each others’ eyes here on the church steps. It’s as if they’re the only two people in the world. They’re lost in that moment. The ultimate for me though, is the little boy on the right looking on.


Here come the newlyweds. Just married, Katie and Sean.


What a unique card/gift holder. I love the bling,


and the monogram!


Their wedding cake was adorned with vibrant, fuschia roses.


Their customized cake topper depicted our groom’s avid love of hockey. The clay figurines are so cute.

It was a very memorable and touching wedding! Thank you guys for letting me share in your celebration with you!

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile! :)

Today is my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe that they’ve been married for 50 years! Their love for each other has truly stood the test of time. In a world where people often take the easy way out, they’ve persevered through good times and bad by putting in the hard work and effort it definitely takes to have a successful and happy marriage. Sure, they’ve had their disagreements and challenging times, but through it all, one thing has remained constant — their undying love and respect for one another.

Congratulations Mom and Dad on this major milestone! We’re all so happy for you!

Their official “Thank You” photograph.

Walking down the aisle.

Leaving St. Patrick’s R.C. Church.

“Just Married!”

Entering their reception at The Inn at New Hyde Park.

Sharing their first meal together as husband and wife.

“Cutting a rug” at their wedding reception at The Inn at New Hyde Park.

Garter time.

Mom and Dad cutting their wedding cake.

Wedding portraits at their reception at The Inn at New Hyde Park.

Leaving the reception to begin their new life together.

So as I raise my virtual champagne glass, I say, “Here’s to you Mom and Dad. Congratulations on 50 wonderful years of marriage! Happy Anniversary! We love you dearly!”

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile!  :)