Bouquet-making Techniques

I recently learned two different bouquet-making techniques in my floral arranging class. The first technique is called Binding or Bundling. This is the process of physically fastening three or more stems together. The bunches formed by using this technique are restricted and supported by the substance binding them together, for example a piece of ribbon.

I created the bouquet below by using the binding or bundling technique.

"Fall Bouquet Combo 2"

"Fall Bouquet Close"

Here’s how I created this bouquet:

1) First, I separated out the different groups of flowers that I was going to be using, keeping like stems together.

2) Then, by holding the flowers in my left hand, I fed the bouquet with my right hand.

3) I continued doing this in a counter clockwise direction.

4) By keeping the stems all in the same direction, I started to get a round form.

5) I used ferns to collar the base of my bouquet.

6) Next, I secured my bouquet with a jay cord, (a piece of string covered with wax). You can use floral design tape, a piece of ribbon or even something as simple as a rubber band to secure the stems.

7) Finally, I wrapped the jay cord tightly around the stems 3-4 times, securing the cord with a knot. Voila — the bouquet was completed.

The second bouquet-making technique is called the Lacing Bouquet Design method. In this type of design, the stems of the bouquet appear in a crisscross fashion.

"Crisscross Bouquet Sample"

Here’s how to create a bouquet using the Lacing Bouquet Design method:

1) Start at the bottom of the stem with the foliage.

2) Move your hand up the stem, holding the stem at an angle. From one side, go directly opposite with the next stem.

3) Create a crisscross pattern as you go along.

4) Turn in a clockwise direction.

5) You’ll start to get a round form.

6) Again, you can use ferns to collar the base of your bouquet.

7) Finally, secure your bouquet by wrapping a jay cord, ribbon, or other fastener tightly around the stems 3-4 times. Tie yourself a knot, and your bouquet is finished.

I hope that you’ll find this information helpful and that it may even inspire you to give it a try. Happy bouquet-making!

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile!

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