Long Island Lavender Farm

The north fork of Long Island has some wonderful hidden gems. One of which is the lavender farm located in East Marion, NY called, “Lavender by the Bay“. Owned by Serge and Susan Rozenbaum, a husband and wife team, this local treasure is not to be missed. And, because they’re open most of the year, you can fill your senses with the beautiful scent of lavender to your heart’s content. Visit their website for their hours of operation.

And, it’s a beautiful location for shooting wedding photos. I can just see a photographer shooting formals of a bride and groom there. Contact them directly ahead of time to schedule an appointment or to inquire about fees at (631)-477-1019.

Lavender Farm on Long Island

There’s 17 acres of lavender loveliness.

lavender farm field on Long Island

You can walk through the lavender fields for an $8 per person entry fee which can be used as a credit towards a purchase in their shop.

lavender in field close

The French Lavender in full bloom.

lavender in field close diagonal

The English lavender is just as beautiful.

lavender booth close

Some of the harvested lavender which will be bundled for market.

lavender bundles combo

Bundles of lavender.

lavender seeds for sachets

Lavender seeds for sachets.

lavender sachets close

Aromatic lavender sachets can be used to freshen dresser drawers or even under a pillow to help one achieve a tranquil night’s sleep.

lavender bundle hangs

Hang a lavender bundle upside down in a closet to help keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Lavender has many uses. Be sure to choose your favorite. Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile.  :)

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