Something Old: Antique Engagement Rings

There’s something magical about antique engagement rings. Their unique beauty cannot be surpassed. Each ring is a custom work of art. They just don’t make engagement rings like this anymore, although some of today’s reproductions do come close.

The Art Deco Jewelry Period: From 1920 – 1935
The Art Deco jewelry period produced brilliant pieces with an emphasis on bold, bright colors and elaborate designs. Many Art Deco rings featured emeralds, sapphires and rubies as the gems of choice. Synthetic gemstones were popular and were often used instead of the more expensive natural gems. These rings are known for their ornate filigree designs. They’re like little masterpieces.

1920's Art Deco 18K WG filigree diamond & sapphire engagement ring

This stunning diamond and sapphire engagement ring is from the 1920’s Art Deco period. It’s made of 18K white gold with a beautiful filigree design. Notice the lovely scroll work at the top of the ring and that the filigree design along the sides extends all the way around the ring, onto its shank.

This antique ring features an Old Mine Cut center diamond which is a square with rounded corners, (most of the diamond is above and below the girdle in the height and depth). The old mine cut diamond doesn’t have as many facets as the new brilliant cut diamonds of today, but is still very lovely!

The Edwardian Jewelry Period: From 1901 – 1920
During the Edwardian jewelry period, jewelers used platinum, 18K white gold and diamonds to create intricate, lace-like and delicate filigree designs. Light and airy patterns became the staple of Edwardian jewelry featuring beautiful, elegant and timeless pieces made with superb craftsmanship.

This 18K white gold ring is from 1910, in the Edwardian period. It features 3 small diamonds and a beautiful filigree design. It’s a real stunner and could have been worn as an engagement ring or as a cocktail ring.


This Edwardian-style cocktail ring resembles those so prevalent in the 1920’s. This reproduction piece is made of 14K white gold and features an ornate filigree design with a lovely center diamond.

The Retro Jewelry Period: From 1935 – 1950
Retro jewelry featured bigger, bolder and brighter pieces characterized by chunky styles. Jewelry was created on a larger scale and showcased the bright colored stones of amethysts, citrines, aquamarines, synthetic rubies and sapphires. Gold became popular with many designers creating rings comprised of combinations of 14K rose, yellow and green gold. (Amazing how rose gold is back in style again 75 years later.) Bold cocktail rings with large colorful gemstones in oversized rectangular cuts, big gold bracelets and charms bracelets were worn during this time period.


This ornate wedding band is mostly comprised of 14K rose gold. There are ruby floral inlays, as well as diamonds set in 14K white gold, marquis-shaped petite plates. The band is at least 8mm in width, perhaps a bit larger. Not for the faint of heart or for those that desire a more dainty band. I for one would wear this ring in a heartbeat!

Orange Blossom Special


This 1920’s platinum wedding band features an orange blossom floral design that encircles the entire ring. This floral motif was very popular during the Edwardian jewelry time period and is definitely quite a favorite of mine!

The choices are endless, but whatever you do, please purchase your ring from an authorized antique jewelry dealer. You don’t want to think you’re buying a true antique ring only to find out that it’s an imposter. To avoid any disappointment, be sure that you and your fiancee do your research before making your purchase. These rings can be very expensive so you want to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you paid for and what you expected.

No matter what ring you select, be sure it’s exactly what you want. You’ll be wearing this ring daily for the rest of your life. Be sure that you are in love with your wedding band as much as you are with your future husband. Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile! :)

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    Love the Edwardian era pieces. So unusual, but very classic!

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