Autumn in New York

I love Autumn in New York! It’s a beautiful time of year. The crisp fall air, the vibrant colors of the leaves changing on the trees — gorgeous shades of orange, yellow, green and red. There’s apple picking, pumpkin picking, and Halloween — what’s not to love?!

Here is some autumn eye candy from a recent shoot that my husband and I did. Enjoy!

"Fall Foliage Benches"

Couldn’t you just see a bridal party taking their portraits here?

"Fall Foliage Shades of Color"

We have the whole spectrum — orange, yellow, red and green.

"Fall Foliage Maple Leaves"

I love the colors of these maple leaves!

"Fall Foliage"

The trunk on this tree exudes strength and power. I love how the branches take off in different directions.

"Fall Foliage Bike"

Peace and tranquility.

"Fall Foliage Green Yellow Trees"

There’s something mysterious about these trees.

"Fall Foliage Combo"

Don’t you just want to jump into the photo on the left and wander down its path? In the shot on the right, I was experimenting with depth of field. By shooting for the leaves in the center of the frame to be in focus, while setting the leaves in the foreground and fence in the background to be out of focus, I was able to create a dream-like effect.

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile! :)

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