DIY Bouquets

Purchasing your bridal bouquet can be quite expensive. Why not make one yourself? There are many local options available for the bride that’s willing to take a risk. Allow yourself to be open to the possibilities. Here are a few ideas:


These bouquets of fuschia and pink roses were available in a local Wholefoods market. A $12.00 -$15.00 purchase has the beginnings of a lovely wedding bouquet.


I just love the texture of these roses!


These beautiful rose bouquets were available in a local Fairway Market. One of these bouquets or even a combination of the three could create a bouquet masterpiece.


For your “something blue”, why not consider these gorgeous blue hydrangeas? Combined with the pink variety, you’ll have yourself a stunning colorful bouquet! Perfect for the spring or summer bride on a budget.


This bouquet of sunflowers screams happiness! You can’t help but smile. What better choice for a summer DIY bride?

Whichever flowers you choose to select for your bridal bouquet, be sure to make them your own. Customize your bouquet with a colorful ribbon, vintage brooch or even a strand of pearls. The possibilities are endless and it can be done within the strictest of budgets.

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile! :)

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