A Family Wedding (Part 2)

Chris and Jeanne Marie’s reception had so many charming details. From the red rose petals spread amongst the place card settings, to their first names lit up in lights on the dance floor, their special day was filled with romantic and festive touches.

Here are a few of my favorite wedding reception details.

How on earth do they carve the figures so perfectly?


This type of guestbook is a great memento to have. It’s fun to read through the remarks years later. You feel all the love and joy from that very special day come rushing back. It’s a magical thing!


The red rose petals add such an elegant touch to this display of place card settings.


Combining some sunflowers with coral roses created a unique look for the maid-of-honor’s bouquet.


I loved the gorgeous shade of coral of the bridesmaids’ rose bouquets! They really added a spice of color to the wedding when paired with their blue-green dresses.

"Christopher Sign in Lights"

I don’t know about you, but this image reminds me of one of my childhood toys, Hasbro’s LITE-BRITE. Ok, now I’m dating myself. ;)


I must give credit to my husband for these 2 images. He told me to look up at the ceiling. When I did, I saw the reflection of Chris and Jeanne Marie as they were dancing their first dance as husband and wife in the mirrored ceiling. So cool!


I rotated the images in LightRoom since the original shots appeared as if they were dancing upside down. Now it looks as if I’m shooting them from up above the actual ceiling tiles. A fun and unusual angle!

We had such a wonderful time at this reception! What a fun party! We wish Chris and Jeanne Marie many happy years of marriage!

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile! :)

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