Love, Portuguese-American Style!

Nancy and Jorge’s wedding will definitely go down as one of my all-time favorites! Take one adorable couple so in love, add their gracious and hospitable families, wonderful food, a unique location, fun-filled Portuguese dances, and you’ve got yourself one spectacular wedding fete!

I invite you to stroll through the images. Take your time, linger if you want to. I just can’t get enough of this wedding and I’m willing to bet, neither will you!

It started out gray with steady rain showers on Nancy and Jorge’s wedding day, but this love-smitten couple never let the weather dampen their spirits for a single second. Their love shined through those big ominous rain clouds and happily the sun made a pleasant surprise appearance later in the day.


Jorge’s carefree and positive attitude said it all. His enthusiasm wasn’t about to let any inclement weather rain on his parade.

"Nancy Jorge Rolls Royce"

They look so regal posed against this elegant white Rolls Royce.

"Nancy's Grazia Shoes"

Nancy wore one of my all-time favorite pairs of silk bridal shoes — Valentine by Grazia Shoes. I simply adore the sparkling rhinestone accoutrements above the cute peep-toe opening of the shoes!

"Nancy and George by Pool"

The rain subsided just enough for us to grab a few portraits out by the pool.


We had just enough of a window before the reception to take a drive to the beach to do a few photojournalistic shots.


So romantic!

"Nancy George Cake Combo"

The cake featured filigree and sugar calla lilies throughout the tiers to match Nancy’s wedding gown and bridal bouquet.

"George in Lights"

Kudos to the lighting crew that set up the neon signs that rotated Nancy and Jorge’s names. It really added to the ambiance of the event!

"Nancy and George Dance"

"Nancy and George Kiss"

So in love! Congrats guys. We wish you much love and happiness!

Until next time, here’s a kiss and a smile!  :)

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